The Fruits of My Labor


Here are the sites I made using Adobe GoLive. Please keep in mind that I didn’t have any design plans when I made them because I was just making up dummy stuff to learn how to use the program. Most of the links go to random sites.
Site 1 is here.
Site 2 is here.
I guess overall I really enjoyed the experience. I only began to see what the program can do. I do think that the code can get messy in places, but overall it looks after itself really well. I really enjoyed the feature that allowed you to check for broken links. The parts that allow you to map out an image area also significantly more simple than using straight html. I think that I now have the best of both worlds: GoLive (a shortcut program) along with a working knowledge of html. Now, I just need to work on my graphic design skills and I’ll be all the rage.