Brown Out in Cupertino


There was a brown out in Cupertino today. I noticed it as I tried to drive through Cupertino and couldn’t get through all the stoplights and stuff because the were down. Shops started closing down and people were all over the streets. I went back to our Cupertino house and tried to paint some more. I kept trying to convince myself that the power couldn’t possibly stay off too long. Three hours later, I gave up when I couldn’t tell if I had actually put paint on a spot of wall or not.
When I was in the Philippines, we were scheduled to have another grueling rehearsal one night. We were all tired from the traveling and non-stop performing. Then, there was a brown out. The whole island lost power, meaning we couldn’t have our rehearsal. So, a bunch of us walked down to the ocean and sat on the pier singing worship songs. Kami played guitar. It was so magical. It was one of those moments where I felt as though I didn’t need all of the modern stuff that the world gave me. I didn’t need to feel important by being in some play. I didn’t need anything but God. It felt so good to just be there among friends…all of us praising the Lord.
Memory of my first brown out there made this one seem somehow spiritual and magical. It’s like, the electricity goes out and I’m back on that pier singing to God. On the way home I sang to Him. It felt so good to be in His presence.