Good, Sweet Routine


Again, I find myself thankful for the normal everyday things that make you feel sane. After yesterday I was a little emotionally messed up and stressed. I woke up this morning (an hour earlier than usual because I had to go to a stupid meeting) and wanted the day to be over. I brushed my teeth. I washed my hair. I made a latte. I got to work and (after my meeting) taught my students about Art. Today’s focus in Visual Art was adding effective texture and detail to define objects. I love that topic.
The routine makes me feel sane. Like, I was going crazy yesterday and now this stuff that sometimes seems boring suddenly makes you happy. It gets you back in the swing of things. I love that. And pretty soon, Josh is going to pick me up, like he does everyday. And I get to hug him (like I do everyday) and convince him to take me out for ice cream (like I do some days).
Actually, I always want ice cream on the texture drawing days. I teach students how to take simple forms and manipulate them to look like an actual object. One example I show is a cone plus a sphere plus a bunch of texture equals a really delicious ice cream. Then I go, “Mmmmmm…. ice cream… garglggglllhhhhh…” And they all laugh because kids today are still in touch with the Simpsons. The Simpsons could very well be the modern day Shakespeare.