Well, I watched The Passion of The Christ yesterday. Kind of on a whim…but it was worth it.
Anyway, I guess I’m just kind of sick of how society is dealing with this movie. On one hand, you have loads of Christians encouraging each other to see it, excited by the dialogues that may occur thanks to the movie, interested to have a deeper understanding of Christ. On the other hand, you have people claiming that it’s anti-semitic (which I totally didn’t see at all), reviewers giving it bad ratings (and their reasoning is more on the film’s message rather than it’s storyline/plot or the artistry of how the film was done), and people claiming that it’s racist. So, it’s an interesting film to not only view in the context of Christianity, but also in the context of our culture. The many reactions to this film give an interesting look at what kind of people reside in America.