Playing Catch Up


Well, third quarter is ending tomorrow. And, suddenly, despite my pleading and prodding earlier in the quarter, my students actually care about their grades. This is what I’ve heard so far today from several students:

  • Is there any way that I can get my “C” to a “B” by tomorrow?
  • A “D”??? I have a “D”??? How long have I had a “D”??? *I tell student that the grades have been posted in their cabinet weekly since the beginning of the quarter and that I have announced the new postings each week. And that, actually , the “D” is an improvement over the “F” they’ve been carrying all quarter. Oh yeah, and I sent three grade reports home. Apparently they don’t read things.*
  • What extra credit can I do? I want to do just enough (not too much & not too little) to make my grade go from a B+ to an A-.
  • I lost all of these assignments, can you make new copies for me? *Even though the assignments are from DECEMBER.*
  • I handed in my work, but my grade only went from a D to a C!!! It’s not fair that you only give half credit to late work!

And the list goes on.
The sad part is that it began to wear on me. After the ninth or tenth student struggled to make their way in my class at the last minute, I felt for the kids who actually are consistently on time, and consistently hand in their work. The kids that ask what they missed when they were sick the day before. Heck, even the kids that let me know in advance when they will be missing school and do their work ahead of time! Why should I hand a grade to the Last-Minute Honchos???
(I don’t, by the way. In case you were wondering.)
This made me even more aware of the human condition. Most people want to do as little as possible to get by each day. Especially spiritually. They sin and figure they can just confess their sins and get saved on their deathbeds. They are lazy and sluggish in life, then try to cram in the so-called important stuff at the end.
I don’t want to be that way. God, please help me to be consistent. Help me to strive and grow and reach further each day. Allow me the strength to seek You without growing weary or bored or out of touch. Amen.