Do you respect Jesse Ventura?


I do. The man has an incredible amount of focus, perception, and drive. He lives his life like I wish I could live my Christian walk. He sticks to his principles, he doesn’t let others knock him down (sometimes literally). When people mock him for dipping his toes where they shouldn’t be (a wrestler in politics???) he keeps his head up, gathers his troops, and moves forward.
I don’t agree with everything Jesse believes in. But I truly admire his spirit and I would venture to say that he is one of the most admirable people of this century. I know some of you think that’s crazy.
Remember a time when politics was run by the common man who talked common sense? Now, it’s by-the-book political science/law majors who have been groomed for government since they were young. What do they have to offer the common man? Some. But often times they so much lack a connection to the common man that their laws seem totally bizarre. Jesse is totally a man with connections.
Not that I’m supporting his run for president. I’m not sure that I’d vote for him. But, like I said, I just really admire the guy. He’s so cool. I know, he sometimes wears a feather boa, but I admire that too. I mean, you’re talking to a girl who died her hair purple to get her students to sell magazines. Jesse has some serious spirit.
I liked this quote from the article cited above:
The former Navy SEAL doesn’t like President Bush [related, bio] or Democrat John F. Kerry [related, bio], saying he wants an option besides “Pepsi or Coke.”
What would Jesse be? Budweiser?