I Still Don’t Get It


I was thinking the other day about all of the evidence that supports that Jesus was the Messiah. It totally blows me away and I was thinking…okay it makes sense that some people could see that Jesus was the Messiah but just don’t want to give their lives over, and it also makes sense that some people are really ignorant of any kind of religious-whatnot. But, the thing that didn’t make sense to me was Judiasm. People who had followed the Old Testament very strongly, and have been waiting for their Messiah (as was prophesied about)…how could they not see Jesus for who he was? I’m not trying to put down those in the Jewish faith at all, I just don’t understand and am trying to figure it out.
So, I checked out some sites to try to learn some info from the other side. Here’s what I found:

Anyway, it was a pretty rewarding read and I thought I’d just share my adventure with all of you. I still don’t totally “get it,” but I was able to see things from perspectives besides my own.