Things I Wish My Cat Would Do

  • Actually kill and eat the bugs she chases around the house
  • When I am laying down, I wish she’d stand on my back and do that kitty-paw thing they do to massage my back
  • Change her own litter box
  • When she sheds, I wish she would paw her hair into a pile then deposit it in the trash can instead of leaving it around the house
  • Not freak out when I hold her when she doesn’t want to be held
  • Let me pet her warm fuzzy tummy
  • Daily make me an iced latte breve with extra caramel drizzled on top, heavy on the ice
  • Stand up to the dog rather than running in fear. He may be bigger, but there is a reason you have claws!
  • Not put her butt in my face when I pet her. I hate that.
  • Give herself a regular haircut to minimize shedding