Wow. Here I Am.


What was a glimmer in my eye in November has now taken some serious steps into fruition. Huge thanks go to |337 h4x0r |0v3 0f my |1f3 j05hu4. He totally helped teach me what I needed to know to make this site, and sometimes even took the keyboard over completely because my understanding of CSS is pretty shabby. Anyway…welcome to the new design. I’m pumped to post stuff on here as it comes up!
Here is what the new site has to offer:

  • The Critics Speak: This is a page for me to catalogue & review things I’ve come in contact with. Mainly, movies, art, & books. If you’re interested in reviewing things on this page too, let me know & I’ll give you a login & password. I’ve always wanted to have a little community of people sharing what they’ve seen & stuff. Eventually, I’d like to learn how to design a web-interfaced system that would make it better than a multiple-user blog, but I’ve only got so many skillz currently. This would allow us to at least start putting reviews up that we could transfer over to the cool site later.
  • Blog: This is where I share thoughts and whatnot. You should know what it is since you’re already here. Warning for newbies though — I generally say what is on my mind. Sometimes it’s not completely thought out or perfectly written, sometimes I wear my heart on my sleeve…but I look at this as my journal. A journal that everyone can read. So…don’t get too peeved at me if I say something you despise. 🙂
  • Pictures: The title is pretty self-explanatory…this link contains pictures. Duh.
  • Home Movies: I don’t have any up yet…but when I do it’s actually not just “home” movies. Some will be of me teaching (I should soon have my hands on the coveted video clip of me with purple hair kissing the feet of my students!), some of trips & other stuff. I’m learning Flash Animation currently & may post some of my crappy animations up too.
  • Art Portfolio:: I’ll be honest & say that this baby’s not coming out for awhile. Hopefully when school gets out in June I’ll have time to rescan all of my artwork. I did it poorly before and this time I’m going to do it right. I’ll let you know when it’s up. I’ll probably put some stuff up in the meantime to whet your appetite.
  • Writing & Poetry: Although I am by no means a “writer,” I do feel it is healthy to round yourself out sometimes by seeking expression in words. I have a bunch of stuff in boxes of writing I’ve done & just need to get it on here! Again…probably a summer project.