Fantasia Whiting???


I’m an aunt again! I think I want to be Aunt Steffie…it just sounds cool. Looks stupid. But sounds cool.
Anyway, my brother contacted me yesterday to say that they had a beautiful girl. They’re still squabbling over what they are going to name her. My students suggest that we name her Fantasia. You know, in honor of her being born on the same day our third American Idol was named. Who, by the way, has a freaking incredible voice. If you haven’t heard her sing Summertime yet, then you’re missing a little piece of heaven! But, she’s not heaven enough to name a child after her. Oh, and the kid might think that they’re also named after Walt Disney’s Fantasia. Which would not be a good thing at all. I mean, it was a great thing to be the first cool animation-dealy (in 1940 no less)…but let’s face it, it’s just boring. I used to turn down the volume and watch it to my Metallica CD just because it was funny. Good times.
Anyway, I’ll post some pics of the little tyke soon so you can all oooo and awwww at how freaking cute the Whiting genes are.