Importance of Reading


I’ve been amazed at how important it is to instill a love of reading in children. It means so much in terms developing the imagination, vocabulary, thought process, memory…. It also helps us to live vicariously through characters so we can perhaps avoid making their mistakes in our own lives.
I’ve been around lots of kids who hate reading. Usually their parents hate reading too. Well, not really “hate” it per se, but they definitely don’t read beyond the occasional magazine picked up at the grocery store check out line. These are the kids that, I’ve seen, struggle in school because their reading comprehension is low for their age so they don’t “get” a lot of what is happening in any of their classes where reading is required.
Anyway…as a teacher I’ve just seen how stinking important it is for kids to be lovers of reading. It totally shapes them all around and it makes a huge difference in their life. So…read a book to or with someone today! It’s a great time!
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