The Day the Beads Came Down


I have this huge container in my class that is full of beads for jewelry projects. It has, oh, about 6 pounds of beads (which translates to maybe 5,000 beads or so). Yeah. One of my students dropped it today. It was a nice, peaceful time with everyone working hard on projects. Then, BAM! SPLOOSH!!! (It’s amazing how beads sound like waves). SCITTERRRRR….. Oops! *Laughter* Everyone looks to me to see my reaction. My reaction is this, “Everyone get a broom & dustpan!” Immediately everyone stands up and starts crawling around my classroom like a crazy bunch of guinea pigs…or whatever else crawls around crazily. I’d say we were crawling around like Henson, but that would assume that we were eating the beads, which we were not.
It was actually kind of fun. It’s neat to see a bunch of middle schoolers turn into human bead vacuums. The students were laughing too…it’s the hottest topic in the halls.
Crafts class rules.