Allergic to Minnesota


Well, it has been settled. I am officially allergic to Minnesota. In California my allergies are almost non-existent. Every time I have come to Minnesota my allergies have been turned on like a lightswitch within 15 minutes of leaving the Airport. When I was in MN growing up, I thought that allergies were just normal and were a part of life. When I moved to Cali, I stopped taking my allergy meds just to see what would happen. Turns out I was pretty much fine and didn’t need them. But, when I come to MN, give it a few minutes for the clogging and the sinus headache. Then comes the antihistamine investment. So, I’ve decided that I’m just allergic to this blasted state. Love it or hate it, I’m allergic to it.
Unfortuntately, it’s not that easy. See, there are so many things in Minnesota I’m not allergic to. I spent the day with Carrie today and had a wonderful time just being mello and exploring Grand Ave. Yesterday I hung out with my brother, Ronnie, & Jenna. We drove around and checked out the local real estate and I got to meet my new (beautiful) niece. Thursday night I had dinner with dad and a late-night Perkins snack with mom. I bought a rope toy for Cooper and played with him. These are things I am not allergic to. Thank goodness.
I know when I move back to MN (someday…not soon) I will find a new attachment to the Sixpence None the Richer Song, “A Million Parachutes:”

like a million parachutes
the snow’s coming down
I lock up the front door
and turn the lights down
in the glow of the street lights,
I see them descend
like a million parachutes,
small men on a mission
I miss the warm,
and I miss the sun
and I miss the ocean,
I miss everyone
and I miss the bridges
that span across the bay
tonight it seems like ages ago

It is amazing how you can grow to love and desire a place when you spend time there and develop roots and relationships. But, I do miss California whenever I am in Minnesota. It fills a place in my heart that needs to be filled right now, even though I can’t quite put my finger on why. God has brought me there and he is feeding me there in ways I never would have expected. It has been awesome so far.