Burning Paper


My mother’s generation burned their bras. I think my generation is burning paper. Seriously, I’m starting to hate the stuff and all the waste. For example, twice a week Josh and I receive this “coupon mailer” and “bargain savings” pile of papers in the mail. We never look at it, it just goes straight into the recycling (hey, at least we recycle now). What a waste!
I used to be into scrapbooking. Now I hate it. I was looking at my scrapbooks thinking, “Why on earth would I spend my time to sit down and make those when I could just post the pics on the web?” Then it dawned on me that life has changed. There isn’t anything gratifying to me to be able to hold pictures in my hand, or even to hang pictures on my wall (all frames should be digitized). In fact, it’s annoying.
I have become the queen of the pdf document. I still wish I could read, take notes, and highlight things that are on my computer though. There needs to be a program that allows me to make highlights and notations on a pdf. There is Zinio now, so you can have a magazine reading experience withouth the paper (and I’m hoping also without the expense).
I used to want the Canon EOS 35mm SLR camera, now I want the Canon EOS Digital. I don’t ever want to buy a photo album again. Stupid things.
Burning paper is my message of rebellion against what many people today feel is a print-dominated society that forces people into unnecessary and wasteful foundations soley for the viewing pleasure of the population. And I don’t need it. Let’s light up!