Close Encounters of the Teen Kind


I went to see Shrek 2 with the kids from Hyde’s Christian Club last night. It was a great movie (my favorite parts included the animation of Shrek hacking up his silverware, the townspeople running to the Farbucks across the street, and Puss n’ Boots’ cute kitty face). It was just cool to hang with them. The more I spend time with teens the more I realize how much they have to say and how much value exists in their lives. It makes my life before being involved with teen ministries seem shallow and poorly lived. I think they’ve taught me more than any course or book could. Too bad I don’t get university credit for it.
We only have one week left of school, including Thursday & Friday being only half-days (students leave at 12 noon). We’re also taking our students to Great America on Wednesday, which is always a fun, very-long day.
I am at school now, on a Saturday, grading things. Life will be better & happier once the grading is done. Tomorrow is planned with lots of get-togethers with people I love so I’m excited!