Digital Age is Strange


Well, one of my classes has been quite a challenge for me this year. Maybe it’s because it’s at the end of the day, but I think I just have a undesired mix of kids. Many of them are fine when they’re not around certain people, but many of those “certain people” are in that class as well. So, it’s a challenge. Anyway, today we watched the documentery of the Tech of Shrek, which shows the artistry and technology that went into the making of the film. We talk about careers in Art and that many of the possibilities are showcased in the making of animations.
The class was totally silent during the entire thing. They were my best class today.
It got me thinking about how digital and television driven these kids are. I am taking a class this summer about using technology in the classrooom and am really excited to see how kids respond to it. The wheels in my head start to turn when I envision that difficult class with technology in their hands. I think it may be enough to captivate them and their minds. We’ll see….