If You Could Be a Rock Star…


They had this think on the radio this morning where they were letting people call in and say what rock star (living or dead) they wish they could be. It was funny to listen to people explain their reasoning. One guy said he’d like to be Duran Duran because of all the “half naked women they got to hang around.” A kid called in and wanted to be Lenny Kravitz because “he has a cool stomach and can play the guitar…sort of.” One girl wanted to be Sheryl Crow because “she’s like 40-somthing and is still really hot.” Another lady wanted to be David Bowie…not sure why…but she did nonetheless. Anyway, it was funny to hear who people would be and why. No one wanted to be Michael Jackson.
So, I got to thinking…Joni Mitchell???…Carole King??? I finally came down to two choices. My second choice is Sporty Spice.  I just think it would be fun to be in a generated girls music group that acts crazy and gets to make their own English-humored movie (which is actually a pretty fun movie). And I’d pick Sporty over the others because she has the best voice and gets to dress comfy.
My super-dooper ultimate choice would be Dave Matthews. Just because he has some seriously amazing music with sounds that just make me feel alive (sometimes a little freaked out…but alive nonetheless). I would love to just be around those sounds all the time. That is some sweet sweet music.