My Grandma is 57!!!


Actually, she turned 75 today. We put the candles on the cake to say “57” and asked her, “What??? You’re not 57???” So, we switched them back to 75 after she blushed and got a good chuckle out of it.
It was so weird seeing my extended family today. I asked them what’s new in their lives, and they all said that there was nothing. So, I said to my mom, “See? There’s no reason for me to move back to Minnesota because I never miss anything!” It was funny.
I got to see Jenna (my niece) again today. I stole her from my mom practically every time she held her. Heh heh. She’s a great little girl and it’ll be cool to see how she grows.
One thing that is really special is that I love to be around my brothers. I don’t always know what to say or whatever. But I admire them both for their incredibly big hearts. That, and they are hilarious. I think if I move back to MN, I’m going to invest in my own cable access show called “Fishing With Nathan and Chad.” Okay, the title needs work. But, I’m seeing this show filled with fishing, competitive brothers, great one-liners, and fishing tips. That would be cool. They might get mad at me for taking up room in the boat, but that could be part of the humor & charm of the show.
I pitched my show idea to Josh once and he was like, “I would totally watch that…and I don’t even like fishing!” So, it should be a good sell considering that Josh doesn’t even turn the T.V. on for anything besides the Simpson’s or the occasional Futurama.
Any ideas for a better title of the fishing cable show?