Crazy Nights


Josh, Neal, Camille & I played Battlefield last night & had a great time. I think Camille & I are actually getting pretty good at the game! For chicks anyway. Camille came over after & we watched Mystic River, which was pretty cool. Except, if that movie’s not creepy enough, the night got even creepier (and I’m not saying that just because arachnophobic Joshua had a spider crawl up his arm).
So, I’m bringing Camille home pretty late. We pulled onto 85 north from Stevens Creek and there was what I thought to be a rear view mirror in the road. I swerved to avoid it & thought for a split moment about how odd it is to see a rear view mirror on the road. Then, I looked up, and to the left of the on ramp was an old school VW Beetle flipped upside down. There was smashed glass and papers blowing everywhere. There were no lights on, and other cars just kind of drove on by.
I looked at it and was like, “Do you think there’s someone in there?” I mean, it freaks me out to think that someone could be dying on the side of the road and everyone just drives by, figuring that “someone else will help” or “I’m busy enough as it is.” So, Camille calls 911 on her cell. We take the next exit & circle around to see if there’s anyone in the car. By the time we get there though, a fire truck & several police cars have already arrived (talk about service). We pulled over & told them that we called 911 & they asked us a few questions about it.
Weird thing is, there was no person to be found. They had guys with flashlights scanning the ditches & stuff looking for signs of life. By the looks of the car, I don’t think anyone could have walked away from that without some serious cuts & bruises (at least). But, the police had no info of anyone calling for a tow truck or anything. There was simply no one in sight.
It was so bizarre. When I dropped Camille off at home, she looked at me and said, “Well, it’s always an adventure hanging out with you.” At first I thought, “Not really, I’m pretty boring.” Then I remembered that our last hang out ended in chasing a kitty cat down the highway. And other times have included eating at a freakish restaurant where we thought this crappy t.v. was going to fall on us. Or running into lesbians at Denny’s (which Neal thought was just a “guy with saggy pants”).
Always an adventure. Yup. That’s me.