Defining Moments in Life or Selecting a Ringtone


Josh and I just got cell phones & we’ve been pretty interested in checking out the features and everything. I was at a 4th of July par-tay yesterday and whenever my phone would go off, I was completely unaware. Other people would be like, “Hey Steph, isn’t that your phone?” And I’d be like, “Ummm…I don’t know. Let me check.”
So, the search for an obvious ringtone is on. Josh and I have been clicking around trying to find the perfect ringtone. You can’t get just any sound, because the sound has some bearing, some fingerprint, on who you are. As John Cusack said in High Fidelity, “It’s not who we are, but what we like.”
So, I think Josh got some Nintendo thing. I have so far selected First Date by Blink-182 and am honing in on Justin Timberlake’s Senorita. I am frustrated that most of the music I actually super-dooper love (Sixpence, Joni Mitchell, Dave Matthews, Yo-Yo Ma, Billy Joel, Lisa Loeb) is not featured. Other songs that I love, just sounded too stupid to be played on a polyphonic midi (such as Somewhere Over the Rainbow). I would really like to get Fatboy Slim’s Weapon of Choice and Cake’s Never There, but alas, I cannot find them for my particular phone. Sigh.