Getting Clutzy & Blonder


I don’t know what the deal is, but I’ve been feeling increasingly clutzy and “stupid” blonde lately. I’m seeing this by a select choice of actions that have occurred recently:
1. Two days ago, when introducing myself to someone in my class, I hit his can of soda & knocked it onto his lap.
2. While eating my noodle salad, I hit the bowl and knocked it across the table.
3. When I went to leave the lunch table, I picked up my lunch box & walked away, not realizing that I hadn’t zipped it up. This dumped my soda can, secret cookies, and tupperware container across the room. Grrrr…
4. While playing a sport with the Jr. High kiddos, I dislocated my pinky.
5. I couldn’t find the elevator at the Dr.’s office, even though i was standing right next to it.
Anyway, it struck me that I have a fear of getting stupider (more stupid?) as I get older. What if I am really developing a clutziness & stupidity? Can I avoid this? When I got home yesterday, I picked up one of my psychology books (as opposed to a surfer magazine) so I could ingest something into my brian that has an extensive vocabulary. Maybe this can at least slow down the process of Stephanie stupification.