Going in for Surgery…


Well, I brought my lovely iBook into the Apple store today only to discover that she’s having logic board malfunction. Luckily, she’s covered in the serial number range that means some free fixin. So, I left her on the genius bar (did you know you have to make appointments now?) for her long waiting period, then inevitable surgery. Trouble is, they guessed about six business days to repair her. Woe is me!
On another note, I’m really enjoying my technology class. I’ve met some interesting folks and have been able to get a good deal done on the project I’m working on. My goal is to implement ePortfolios into my course curriculum. We are supposed to create a project plan, make a website about it, make a video, and a poster. So, I have my hands full for the next few weeks! I think it’s going to turn out well. I like technology because I get to create, it’s pretty challenging for me, and it gives me a connection to Josh. When it comes to technology, he’s so my night in shining armor. Just call him Josh “Shiny Knight” Lewis. Hopefully he won’t think I’m too annoying when I keep asking him how to edit this PHP!