I Hate Spammers & Want To Kick Them


Man, this weekend alone I despammed my blog over 350 times. It’s really starting to piss me off. Especially all the sneaky ways that people spam. Like, they’ll put in someone else’s legitimate e-mail address as their own. Or they’ll write stupid comments like “thanks for the great info” or “nice site.” Grrrrrrrr! And it’s usually crap related to one of the following categories: casinos, sex anything, great loans or money making schemes. There was even one on my site that was advertising “extreme rape” porn sites. What the heck is that and why is it even legal??? Just looking at the url made me ill.
Another thing I loathe about spammers is that it costs them no money to post on my site (or anyone else’s). So, it’s like free advertising. That makes it even easier, say, to completely load my comments with crap. I don’t think much of the spam ever gets through to my viewers though, it usually just pisses me off big time and then I spend several hours of my time deleting it all. I look at spam the same way as phone calls to my house — if you can’t advertise in a decent non-annoying way, you don’t deserve my business no matter how great your deals are. Bastards.
I wish there were some serious regulations regarding spam. Problem is, the world wide web is world wide and it would take some kind of l33t haxor world power geeks to monitor it all. (Although, that would be kind of a cool job title.) The punishment should be that the person who was spammed gets to kick the spammer as many times as they posted on their site. It could be like a birthday party spanking line, except kicking really hard with intent to injure. If I could kick all the people who spammed my site, I would feel better somehow. I may have some guilt about it later (as I considered Jesus’ call to forgive), but would probably not think about that until much much after the bliss and elation of kicking them.