Payment for Shopping – Battlefield Dreamin’


I told Josh about my dream last night and he was like, “Oh man, you totally have to blog about that.” I didn’t want to because I thought it was corny. But, we went shopping, and I bought past my quota in board shorts. So, this post is in payment to Josh for the error in my spending. 🙂
I said before that we were playing Battlefield 1942 last night. When I got home way late (after the freaky car flippage thing), I had a weird dream.
There was this war on U.S. soil, particularly the Bay Area, and a bunch of peeps were sent out to fight the enemy (don’t remember where they were from). Camille was my partner & we got sent off on a mission in the Foothills, which didn’t go through because the people we were supposed to attack never showed. But, we did see some of the enemy obviously preparing an attack. We didn’t have permission from our commanding officer to attack, but they were obviously going to do some harm, so I made the decision that we were going to attack.
They had several guys in a tank, and one guy doing assault on top of the tank. I told Camille to snipe for me while I went down w/ my anti-tank rocket launcher. I hid from the enemy until I got close enough. Then I walkie-talkied Camille (with a secret language we had invented) to snipe the top guy for me & I would shoot my rocket launcher as soon as he was dead (I remember the secret language code for “shoot” was “dadoo”).
She shot the guy in the head (her preferred shooting locale) and he dropped. I immediately fired at the tank. I panicked to reload, while the tank gun-thing was turning to shoot me. I ran along side the tank while reloading and shot the tank one more time, which was enough to make it inoperable.
Then, the top opened and a guy came out. I shot him with my handgun, then threw a grenade in the tank. I turned up the hill and took off running. Camille met me and we came upon a small farm with horses. I yelled at her, “Give me your rope!” She was like, “Why!?! What are we doing!” I said, “JUST TRUST ME!”
Then I prayed, “God, let me pick the right horse.” I chose a chestnut horse with a slight sway in the back (which made me think it had been broke to ride). I tied the rope around his halter and jumped on w/ Camille behind me. We took off into the foothills until it was safe.
Camille was like, “You just stole somebody’s horse!” And I responded, “Camille, we’re in a war. We need some transportation & this is what we’re keeping until we find something better.” She nodded.
That was my dream. Isn’t that totally bizarre? What a strange strange night I had.