Well, my iBook is having serious issues. I have to bring it to the Apple store tomorrow to see how many boo-ko dollars it’s gonna cost me to get it fixed. It’s doing a funky random monitor-freak out thing. Only, I don’t know that it’s the monitor, but is quite possibly a hard drive problem. I have no idea. So, hopefully the geniuses can take a peek at her for me to see what the deal is. This is really bad timing because I’m in the middle of a technology class. My principal is being kind enough to meet me at school tomorrow morning to give me one of the school laptops to use for the rest of the summer. So, if I wasn’t stressed enough by this tech class, the lack of my sweet sweet girly of a laptop isn’t helping me any.
On another note, I talked on my last post about how I dislocated my pinky. I don’t remember exactly how I did it because I was so involved in the game. It wasn’t until I started having an asthma attack and had to sit out that I realized that, hey, my pinky also hurts. And look, it’s bending the wrong way and is getting all purple. Kewwwwweeeeeeel. So, I went to the doctor and the doc asked me how I hurt my pinky. I said that I was playing a sport with some kids. “Oh? What sport were you playing???” I hesitated, too embarrassed to tell her the true sport I was playing. I considered saying something simple like baseball or football…but that would just be lying.
“Um. I was playing Chair Bomb.”
She looked up at me like I was some kind of psychotic creative person who either invents these bizarro games or is dumb enough to listen to the people who do create them. She nodded, which seemed to say to me, “You’re lucky that you only injured your pinky…playing something crazy like Chair Bomb.”
She asked me to explain it. “Well, there are two chairs on opposite sides of the court. One team gets a water balloon and has to get it to break on the opposing team’s chair. They can run until someone of the opposite team tags them. Then they have three seconds to get the balloon to someone else on their team. If they don’t, the other team gets the balloon. If you break a balloon, the other team gets to start with a new one. The other team can also intercept your ball and make a run for it.”
“Sounds like a fun game.” She said in such a tone that I knew she didn’t mean it. How could anyone consider anything called “Chair Bomb” to be a legitimate sport???
Then I had to get my finger x-rayed. When I went in, the guy asked me how I injured my finger. “Just playing with some friends.” I hoped that would be the end of it. But no…the inevitable question came, “Oh yeah? What were you playing?”
I sat there horrified by his endless curiosity. I looked up at the x-ray machine where there was a sign that said, “DO NOT USE IF PREGNANT.” I wondered if x-ray machines were somehow related to roller coasters, since pregnant women weren’t allowed to ride either one (don’t worry, I’m so not pregnant…although Josh’s mom rode a roller coaster a couple weeks before he was born, but that’s neither here nor there).
I attempted to avoid x-ray man’s question by simplifying my response, “Just a game my friend made up.” Stare at ground. Avoid eye contact. Anything to stop the questioning!
“Sounds cool. What’s it called???”
“…” *Admit defeat* “…Chair Bomb.”
“Chair Bomb? That’s one I’ve never heard before. With a name like ‘Chair Bomb,’ you’re lucky that all you did was dislocate your pinky.”
Yeah. Thanks. Thanks a lot.
I exited the hospital with one of those big metal brace thingies. It made my finger feel better, but the problem was that it made it challenging to type. Of course I had to injure my pinky during my technology class, the class that requires an insane amount of typing. And that stupid big metal thing keeps HITTING THE CAPS LOCK KEY SO ALL OF MY WRITING MAKES IT LOOK LIKE I’M SCREAMING. GOOD TIMES.