The Object of My Affection


Before I begin, I just wanted to say that I shampooed all of our carpets, rugs, & upholstery today. It was a HUGE (and I mean a Scottish HEE-YOU-GGGE!) undertaking. But, my house is so fresh it blows my mind. We’ve only been in this place for not quite four months. When we moved in I thought the carpet was gross and boy was I right. I shampooed the carpet twice (three times in gross spots) and the water came out like black. Ick. Anyway, I used the Rug Doctor (rented from the local grocery store) and it worked better than any carpet cleaning device I’ve ever used. Stains I tried to get out before, that I thought were totally set, came out with just a swipe or two of the Rug Doctor. So, I highly recommend it for any one who needs a little cleaner, fresher carpet.
Anyhoo, Josh e-mailed me today and showed me the object of his affection. I think it’s a bit dorky, but who am I to judge? If it brings entertainment, who cares. My dad has also been wanting a horse and e-mailed me pictures of the one he was considering. So, he has his sights set on something. Then I got to thinking, what one toy would I get if I could? Then I remembered, the true of object of my affection. Yeah. Nice. That, and a beach house. Kewl. Hee hee.