I’ve been playing volleyball w/ the Grimes’ and have totally been having a blast! At first I was nervous and pretty rusty since I haven’t played since high school. Oh, and when I played at high school, it was always with boys & my job was to set the ball up for them so they could spike it and look cool.
Practice is like a good can of WD-40 when you’re as rusty as I am. After a couple of games, I am starting to feel less sucky and am actually getting a few balls in there. I also noticed that I’m not bad at spiking. I got a couple of beautiful sets yesterday and was able to jump up and drop them in the hole. I didn’t know I could do that since I was so used to setting all the time.
Oh…and for those of you have mocked my pathetic jumping ability…I think I’m a much better jumper when I’m going after something (like a ball) and am in the heat of competition. There were a couple of times where I beat out the tall guy on the other side of the net when we were both going after the ball. My friend Bob (who has never really seen me jump before) was like, “Wow! You’re a good jumper!” I almost wept because I had always felt so inferior in that area. 😉
Anyway, it’s good to be back in the game!