WebDev Joshua!


I just wanted to write a post about my amazing husband, Josh. He has many admirable qualities, but the one I want to focus on today is his super creativity & love of web development. It’s been awesome to see him make better & better websites through the years. He’s willing to try things that haven’t been done before, and even manages to take all the criticism people give him about it. He is willing to learn and put stuff out there that he created.

That, and he’s always willing to help and encourage me with my own designs. We just finished (well…mostly finished) another site for my technology project. He helped majorly with a lot of the technical side of it and was really able to help me make my vision come to life.
The best part is, he really tries to adhere to web standards and write clean code so pages load fast and work in all browsers. I’ve seen him frustrated on more than one occasion to see him develop something that works in every web browser but Internet Explorer. So, we put together a little scoreboard. Here’s a pic I took of Josh Web Devving, with the scoreboard behind him. As you can probably tell, I’ve been rooting for the home team! GO JOSH!!!