Eyes on Art


I’m taking a class on integrating the Internet into your curriculum. So, I’ve been finding lots of pages that 5ux0r and pages that are pretty, but a pain to navigate and pages that are OK and so on. Anyhoo, I love playing all the dumb little games here and there. For awhile I thought I had forgotten a lot of my Art History, but a bunch of the games I’ve been playing reveal that I’m pretty good! Which is a good thing to know, you know, since I’m an Art teacher.
I really enjoyed this one, Eyes on Art, and also kicked some boo-tay and got them all correct! (Yes…without cheating and without looking up the artists on the Internet…gosh). YAY ME!!! I’m interested to see how the “non-arty” folk out there do. Can you identify the artist, simply by looking at the eyes of their famous paintings? CAN YOU??? Bwa ha ha ha ha Ha Ha HA HA HA HAAAAAA!!! Oh, wait, I didn’t mean to do an evil laugh. Sorry.