Mmm…That’s Good Sedaris


I just finished reading my second David Sedaris book. First, I read Naked, and just finished Me Talk Pretty One Day a few minutes ago. I can’t think of anything that makes me laugh more than David Sedaris.
It’s dangerous to read Sedaris in public because you start to giggle to yourself, then kind of squirm around in your seat. Eventually you have a couple of outloud gasping laughs with a knee slap or clapping. This causes others to look at you strangely…unless they are the “reading types” who steal glances over your shoulder and finally ask you what you are reading and WHERE CAN I GET A COPY!?!
The thing I love most about Sedaris is that he is very open & honest, & loves sarcasm and satire (the highest forms of humor next to the pun, in my opinion). He pushes boundaries regarding prejudice of all forms and gets you to take a second look at the things around you. He’s not afraid to tell you that he’s stupid (“Think donkey…then take it down a few notches.”) or that his father eats rotten foods (“‘It’s fine,’ he’d say watching as a swarm of flies deposited their hatchlings into the decaying flesh of a pineapple. ‘There’s nothing wrong with that. I’d eat it!’ And he would, if the price was right. And the price was always right.”) or that he had an “S” speech impediment as a child (My speech therapist’s name is Miss Chrissy Samson.”) or that he dreams of someday becoming Mr. Scientist (“Alone in my basement laboratory, I invent a serum that causes trees to grow at ten times their normal rate, meaning that a person can plant a sapling and enjoy its fruit or shade one year later…The lumberjacks and environmentalists love me equally, but a problem arises when a group of lesser scientists spread the rumor that the leaves of my trees cause cancer in laboratory animals. I then discover a cure for cancer just so I can say, ‘What is it that you were carrying on about?’) He is poignant and hilarious at the same time and has been a delight to read.
Just a warning for all my Christian friends out there…Sedaris isn’t exactly a Christian and some of you may be surprised that I’m reading him. So, if you aren’t into hearing the occasional homosexual story or what-not, this isn’t your book. But, I totally dig his stuff and it brings me to laughing tears regularly. Enjoy!