More Thoughts On W…


I am constantly interested in why so many people hate Bush. I have grown to the point of being just plain tired of the conversation. When Josh and I were at Stinson for our Anniversary we ate at a local restaurant. While there, we ate a meal next to a very loud man wearing a “Veterans for Kerry” button on his coat pocket. He was going off about how much he hated Bush and how stupid he was. I listened because I didn’t have a choice (he was SO loud) and because I was fascinated at his absolute lack of fact. It was all mushy emotional arguments that aren’t backed up by anything. I mean, maybe you disagree with some things Bush has done…but all out hatred? I can’t even say that I hated Clinton…but man did I disagree with him A LOT!
One of my friends told me that he hated Bush because of the “Election Conspiracy,” claiming that Bush never should have won Florida because…blah…blah…blah. How many times did they count those ballots? Sheesh.
I just read an interesting article in the NRO that discusses some theories about why Bush is so deeply hated. Author Victor Davis Hanson summarizes his article, “In short, the Left hates George W. Bush for who he is rather than what he does. Southern conservatism, evangelical Christianity, a black-and-white worldview, and a wealthy man’s disdain for elite culture — none by itself earns hatred, of course, but each is a force multiplier of the other and so helps explain the evolution of disagreement into pathological venom…Not voting for George Bush is, of course understandable and millions in fact will do precisely that. But for those haters who demonize the man, their knee-jerk disgust tells us far more about their own shallow characters than it does anything about our wartime president.”
It’s an interesting read anyway.