Spousal Selections from X-Men


For all you X-Men fans out there…we got into a bit of a debate at dinner today over the question, “If you could marry anyone from X-Men, who would it be and why?” You can really see people’s true colors with that one. Anyway…I will reveal my selection after I feel there’s been an adequate amount of commenting. 🙂 Okay…anyone from the first two X-Men movies…tell us why you’d choose them to be your spouse. It could range from Cyclop’s fast cooking capabilities to Magnito’s sassiness. Or could be Storm’s glowey eye thing or Mystique’s freakish ability to “become anyone”. Whoa. And don’t be dumb like, “I pick Wolverine because he’s hot.” You need to be a little more thoughtful that that. Well, I guess you don’t…but it makes the conversation more interesting if you’re…well…a little more interesting with your answer. I digress….