A Little More Californian…


When I first moved to Cali, I ordered a sandwich and the lady asked me if I wanted avacado on it. I was like, “Sure!” Mostly because I had never actually had an avacado. It’s not exactly a Minnesota staple food, and I thought I’d try it. Little did I know that it was a green mushy thing. I took a bite of my sandwich and had to take it out because I thought it was so gross.
Then, two years later, I went to my buddy Dave’s house and he had made this fantastic guacamole using some secret ingredients. It was so good and I was so hungry that I’m pretty sure I ate at least half of the dip myself. Next day, I went to Le Bou and ordered the California Fresh (which has avacado). It was SO GOOD! I then realized the great benefits of adding a bit of avacado to a deli sandwich. It’s not as juicy as a tomato, but not as dry as an onion. It adds a nice bit of moisture to the sandwich with a light flavor. I was so hooked that I had the same sandwich the next day, and asked for it again the day after that (but Josh declined because we had already eaten there twice).
Today, I purchased my very first avacado at the store. I’m planning on putting it in my turkey sandwich tomorrow. Oh, and I’m not using white bread anymore, I have switched to using a sweet slice baguette. Another thing I picked up while here in Cali.
Also, in a conversation a couple days ago, Josh asked me about someone. I made a comment that they “really had an aloha spirit” and he looked at me like I was a complete stranger. That, and I’ve added new words/phrases to my vocabulary like “stoked” (as in “I just got a surfboard, I’m totally stoked!”), “let’s kick it” (as in “Let’s not go out, let’s just stay at home and kick it“), “good times” (as in “And then I totally embarrassed myself…good times.”), “peace” (as in “See you guys later, peace“), and “no worries” (as in “You just spilled paint on the floor? No worries, I’ll clean it up.”).
So, I’m getting a little more Californian. I figure the vocabulary shift and eating avocados isn’t going to kill me, so I’m not really worried about any of the changes just yet. Good times.