I went to the communist…I mean, the California Teacher’s Association conference this past weekend. I had a blast and got to hang out with some fun people. I just laugh at the mob mentality of the whole thing. I actually felt ill witnessing all of the anti-Bush stuff everywhere. They make it seem like every single thing that’s wrong with the world is Bush’s fault, never mind their Democratic congress, or even the Senate. No, it’s just Bush. It’s such narrow thinking that I wonder if most of them look at the facts at all.
I’m also amazed by the shift towards Communist thinking. We need universal health care, universal retirement plans, universal…everything. It just frightens me to see how poorly the government spends the taxes I currently give. I can’t imagine what would happen if we gave them more.
Another thing that irritated me was the never-ending complaining about teachers’ rights. These people are all looking quite nice… which only makes me assume that they are able to pay their bills. What more do they want? Is there ever a point where the teacher’s union would stop and say, Oh, we have everything we need now. We’re happy! No. There’s something in humans that makes us desire to be the underdog. Even to the point that we specifically look for things to complain about. Is there ever a point where we are happy? Where we’re just satisfied with what we have? Where, while we seek an ideal in life, we are still content and thankful for all of our blessings?
I also got a card that listed all of the union endorsed people that I should vote for this year. How dumb do they think I am that I would just blindly vote for the people handed to me on a list? Does anyone actually do that? Is it any shock that every single person on that card was a Democrat? (Well, of course they had to be Democrats, because it’s common knowledge that Republicans are against education. Right? I still remember the bill by the Republicans where they wanted to burn down all of the public schools and just throw kids in a giant pit until they turned 18. It’s a shame that one didn’t go through.)
I could rant for hours more about stuff that irritates me when it comes to unions and certain political advocate groups. The prevailent thinking in those groups is so shallow or misinformed. I think I may have persuaded a few others that Republcans aren’t a bunch of idiots though, so I think it was a successful weekend.