Man, am I tired! The last two weekends have had out-of-town conferences for me to go to which has packed me full of information and social gatherings. Now, I’m scrambling to get things back on track. School has been going well and my students are right where they should be. Volleyball has been a total blast and my team has won our first two games. Everything else has been taking the hits. My laundry for instance. Yesterday I had to invent an outfit with all of the “leftover” clothes. You know, the ones you don’t wear unless you have to.
I got five hours of sleep yesterday. Last night I got 7 which is still not enough for me, but I at least feel better than I did yesterday.
It also doesn’t help that every stupid night for me this week has something scheduled. WHEW! I was all pumped for Saturday, thought I’d slow things down with some beach time. Then I realized that I have to go to a technology class. WILL IT EVER END!?!
Regardless, I am currently working on several blogs I’d like to share and I’ve also been putting together my list of Top 10 Favorite Movies that I’ll eventually post to my critics page.
Life is so crazy sometimes.