Wolf Dream


I had this really vivid dream last night that I was living in this strange place. It was similar to earth, only pretty much everything was made out of some kind of foamy-plastic. Anyway, I was talking with some people about how it was filled with sin and we were praying for our god to come soon. People were getting killed in really sick ways and it was just not good. Our “bible” said that when god returned he would come as a wolf and would run throughout the world.
So, I’m standing outside of my plastic-foam house and there is this huge flash of light and everything goes dark for a second, then it’s light again. Like the sun just stopped working but then turned on again. It’s peaceful like nothing happened for a few minutes. Then, I see this wolf off in the distance running incredibly fast. As it is running, people start to disappear. It was just like our bible had said. I stood there watching god-as-wolf run. So many people were disappearing that I freaked out a bit in my heart. What if I really wasn’t chosen? What if I disappeared too? What if I really wasn’t good enough?
The wolf ran by me and I was left standing there. I looked around and there were some others who also were left. Our eyes met and we all felt relieved but strange.
The dream continued to a few months later. I was riding in a jeep with someone and we were talking about how it was weird to be left on our planet with all of these “good” people. Legalism had somewhat taken over and we all felt incredible pressure to please our god. We felt as though we could never be good enough to please our god and that he would probably have to add to his holy book another way to weed out the sin and make us good again. It seemed hopeless…we would never be good enough.
Our book also said that when our god-as-wolf roamed the earth, that he would love his people dearly, but would live as an animal in the wild. He would need to eat people as his food…but those people would then be sent to a special place in heaven. It seemed that the chances of getting eaten by god-as-wolf were slim because the earth was so big.
One day I went for a walk in the forest and came across a field with a stream by it. I was drinking water from the stream when I looked up and saw god-as-wolf sitting across the field staring at me. I knew he was going to eat me so I just knelt down, closed my eyes tightly, and prayed. Several minutes had passed and I still wasn’t eaten. But, strangely, I was overwhelmed with peace and comfort. When I opened my eyes, I saw that god-as-wolf was sitting next to me staring off across the horizon. I turned to look at him, he looked back at me with deep, sad eyes. I knew he would not eat me. I wanted to touch him, but felt too undeserving, so I just sat there and looked across the fields with him.
Then I woke up. There you have it! Another trip down vivid-bizarro-Stephanie dreamland!