Hunting for a MRS Degree


I remember back in college listening to some of my guy friends be frustrated with the women who just came to college seeking their “MRS Degree.” They were mad that anyone would do this, and it just seemed downright dirty. At the time, I agreeed with them. Why wouldn’t a woman value her own education and career over a man?
But, now that I’m older and wiser ;-), I think seeking a MRS Degree is perfectly legitimate. I mean, go to school and learn stuff. That’s awesome. But, I’m finding that (if you’re the “marrying” type) having a good spouse is paramount to having a good life. I mean, having a good spouse as opposed to a bad spouse. I’m not trying to bring down the single folks cuz, hey, I totally respect the bachelor to the rapture!
Anyway, I’m actually really glad that I went to Bethel, which has a reputation for being “marrying” school because I think I had a really great selection of men to hang out with. And, I believe that I did find the absolute best one for me. And this marriage has blessed me more than my career has. Plus, you can always change your career during your life, but the idea is that you keep the same spouse. So, choose wisely and it might be helpful to go somewhere that has a good selection.
I also am really glad I went to Bethel because it really gave me a strong Christian environment to grow in. My family was kinda-Christian, but didn’t really read the Bible or pray together (besides meals) or anything like that. I was blown away to learn about who Jesus really was and all of that deeper cool stuff that they don’t teach you in Sunday School.
Any other knowledge I gained at Bethel was great, but really just a sidenote. The best things I left that school with (in order) are: a deeper understanding of & relationship with the Lord, an amazing husband, awesome friends & memories, and a teaching certificate.