I Got an iPod. Life is Good.


Yeah. It’s pretty sweet. I have The Message Remix on it and sometimes it reads scripture in between song and it’s so cool cuz they’re short but easy to understand. Jesus is one contreversial fellow!
Anyhoo, life is good. It’s busy, but good. I’ve been blessed with some great stuff lately. I went to Haleigh’s surprise 13th birthday party yesterday and it was so amazing. I thought it would be like “Woo! Par-tay!” But it was different. It was all older (then Haleigh) women and we shared how Haleigh had impacted us and wise words of advice for her life. After everyone shared, her mom asked her if there were any recurring themes between what everyone said. Haleigh paused and said, “Um…Life just gets harder so be prepared.” It was funny.
But, the best part was just seeing and being a part of this group of women connected throughout time, coming together to bless another young woman. What an amazing experience.