So, Coldstone Creamery is making their pumpkin ice cream again. Mmmmm… My favorite is pumpkin ice cream with heath bar, walnuts, & caramel. Oooo…so good!
Anyhoo, I’ve had a busy week. Both Josh and I have had interesting job advancements that include no pay increase, but could eventually be beneficial. So, that’s interesting. I’ve been crazy busy and having a hard time sleeping. I know, that’s crazy!
I used Sam Brown’s artwork in some lessons on themed art in my class today. The kids would draw a given theme, then I’d show them the drawing Sam Brown made for that theme. Then we’d have discussions about ways to better compose your picture and simplify your image down to the essential elements. They really enjoyed it and it was a blast to teach.
So, hope you enjoyed the super random blog. Crazy.