Poem for Grace (Inspired by a Friend)


my soul heaves up
bearing a hole
weakening my sight
straightening my walk
oh, my soul groans out, oh
pleading for Grace
please come! seek me out!
i’m here in my womb
that has become my grave
the whole world withers on my hips
the birth pangs arrive
with no breath inside
Lord, make me a bridge in my pain
make me a bridge in my pain
cover the scars
the tears from my labor
bring me to a place
on quickened WINGS
where i know I am safe
to let you be God
Rachel’s womb was closed
i saw You as filled with hate!
but your new beginning for her
was to be loved
she was loved!
deliver me Lord
deliver ME
from the picking and choosing of You
i’m desperate to know
Your pain, my grief
Your joy, my laugh
Your love, my Grace
my hole, replaced