The Great Coldstone Experiment


The beauty and glory of Coldstone Creamery is that you get to make your own ice cream mix. One day several weeks ago, I was admiring the 20-something flavors and the forty-something mix in options when I got a bizarro idea. What would happen if someone got a small ice cream with every single mix-in mixed in??? WHAT WOULD HAPPEN???
That is how The Great Coldstone Experiment came into being. My and Camille‘s small group met for the first time last night. We took the girls to Coldstone and ordered it. They mixed one scoop of vanilla ice cream with every single topping. We’re talking chocolate, fudge, caramel, sprinkles, m&m, snickers, kit kat, hersheys bar, chocolate chips, macadamia nuts, walnuts, almonds, malt powder, marshmallows, marshmallow topping, graham crackers, cake, gummy bears, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, banana, cookie dough…you get the idea. It was this huge globby ball of sugary-horror!!! It was all goopy and slimy and made this giant brownish glob. We asked for it in a waffle bowl so they stuck the waffle bowl in a big ice cream bucket then dumped all the goo in on top. They topped it with whipped cream, cherries, and chocolate sauce.
And we ate the whole thing.
We made a movie of it which I’ll put up soonish for you to see. I think we might theme it with a old-school horror movie kind of thing. That would be cool.
Anyhoo…I feel SO SICK today. They had a birthday celebration for the teachers with this huge cake, and everyone was eating it. I got so ill just looking at it and smelling it that I had to leave the party early. I ate a few sunflower seeds and those seem to have worked fine…but I can’t bear to eat the Krispy Kreme doughnut on my desk. *shudders*