Updated Pics


I just updated my picture page. I know, it took me forever, but good things come to those who wait! There is a large variety of pics below and, as usual, they illustrate the hilarity and antics that is my Californian life! Woo hoo! I hope you enjoy them!
Here’s what I’ve added:

    • Hyde Halloween: Hyde had a pumpkin decorating contest (my class won!) and I dressed up as Frida Kahlo. (October 29th, 2004)

  • Haleigh’s Baptism: Haleigh got baptised and these are the pics of that awesome day. Haleigh is SO AWESOME! I was so pumped and blessed by her baptism. (October 2004)
  • Josh the Rocker: Josh tried on this wig of mine and it was so hilarious because he totally looked like a heavy metal rocker dude from the 80’s. So, he started acting all wacky and I caught it all on the camera! Woo-hoo! (Summer 2004)
  • PBCC Jr. High Staff Disney Trip: The staff of the Jr. High ministry at my church went to the Youth Specialties conference in Anaheim. We had a blast! (Sept. 23-26th, 2004).
  • Malia’s Birthday: Camille and I went out with Malia for her birthday and we had tons of fun! (Summer 2004)
  • Henson’s Bowl: This is a bowl I made for Henson. (July 2004)
  • Smooth n’ Creamy: This is a performance titled “Smooth n’ Creamy” that Camille and I did at River Camp. It was a blast! (July 2004)