Using My eMagination


I love working with this generation of techie kids. One of my students just wrote on a paper that she loved to use her eMagination when creating art because it made her work more expressive. eMagination? Oh! Imagination…with a techie kid twist. Sad part is, I think she really thinks that’s how to spell it. My generation was known as Generation X, and I think these kids should be called the eGeneration.
I also love when they write papers for you and use all of the AIM speak. You know the lol, rofl, brb, afk, asl?, and all that fun stuff. And, I love all of the grammatical replacements: u/you, r/are, ppl/people, and all that stuff. It drives me nuts when it’s used in totally wrong places. But, I’m amazed at the sort of electronic culture they’ve created for themselves. It’s totally bizarre and totally unlike anything I would have predicted fifteen years ago.