I’ve had like six things every day for the past several weeks. Ick. It’s that kind of business where your idea of a good time is a really really comfortable chair. Here’s what I’ve been up to:
Grading, grading more, entering end of quarter grades, fielding parent calls, parent meetings, planning and doing small group, planning and doing Christian Club, leading worship @ a weekend retreat, attending meetings & doing homework for my National Board Certification, speaking at a technology fundraiser dinner, shopping to get pants & a boogie board, grading more stuff, bringing Henson-the-Psycho to the vet, cleaning my house, doing laundry (oh…the laundry got way to out of hand), considering a redesign for my studio space (I’m thinking shelves & drawers to put stuff in instead of piles), organizing a cross-curricular portfolio for all the 6th graders at my school, helping design/order for the art program at the new middle school, filling out recommendation forms for students, more grading, responding to an insane amount of e-mail (again…got way to out of hand), cooking meals, getting groceries, forgetting my parents’ anniversary, taking pictures & starting a couple of paintings (recently put on hold due to the studio redesign idea), traveling the area with my mom and aunt, dinner with friends, volleyball league (practice and games…woo hoo, we’re in first place!), listening to lots of people, writing grant proposals, ordering supplies, kiln washing my kiln, firing a ton of clay projects, buying children’s books about art, Starbucks, Halloween/Birthday parties, Church, going to see David Sedaris read stuff, hanging out with Josh, Jr. High Church, listening to The Message and The Bible Jesus Read on my iPod, Reading Hurt and some book about Church leaders, website work, ePortfolio site work, meetings, organizing new curriculum, hanging out with students, fixing broken computers on campus and technological problem solving, forgetting to return phone calls, sorting through a giganto pile of papers…
You get the idea. It’s been crazy. Here’s hoping for an opening of calm.