Well, Henson managed to pull one of my bags off of the counter while we were gone yesterday. He rummaged through it until he found a gift I had received from someone and, after opening it, was delighted to see 8 oz. of See’s Milk Chocolates. When we came home, there was Henson, all fat and worried and shaking.
He hadn’t consumed a toxic level of chocolate, but we still watched him carefully in case a vet trip was necessary. I locked him in the kitchen because I was scared he’d barf or ‘rrhea or something like that. But, after awhile he still hadn’t so I thought it was safe to bring him into the living room. Well, as soon as we sat down he suddenly felt compelled to barf all over. And I mean…well, without going into details…EWWWW!!!
It was not fun to clean up. And then he did it again. It was a strange chocolatey-barf that Josh has just taken to calling “charf.”
I think I have the naughtiest dog on the planet.