Chillin, Chillin, Mindin My Business


I’ve been feeling pretty good lately. I think I did a good job setting boundaries by not saying yes to more activities than I could handle. I have a plan to finish my National Board stuff and, if all goes well, I think I can pass it. I’ve also been getting a bit more sleep and learned how to make some really good Americanos with my espresso maker. That’s a nice little pick-me-up in the morning!
I’ll be teaching one class of Drama next semester, which will be quite interesting. I’m still trying to nail down the best way to organize the semester, but I think it should go really well.
I’ve also been considering other bizarre things I’d like to do with my life. I think it would be cool to join the Peace Corp or something weird like that when I have the financial stability to retire. I’d like to live in some other country and learn another language. I’m considering trying out some modeling for the heck of it. I dunno…life is a weird thing and I just want to try out a bunch of stuff. Why not?
Josh is working on creating a studio space for me in the garage. I’m pretty pumped about it. I have some paintings in my head that have been dying to come out. I’ll be able to devote much more time to them once my Nat. Board stuff is done.