Digging Out of the Pile


I’m not majorly stressed feeling right now. I went to bed at like 7:00 yesterday because I was so exhausted. It feels kind of lame to be going to bed so early on a Friday night. Anyway, it seems like everything has been piling up in my life and I’m not really digging it. (Heh heh…that was a funny unintended pun.) I have my National Board Certification stuff due at the end of March. And that’s a TON of work. I have my final technology project due April 1st…but I’m nearing completion of that. I am making a DVD of my school with a fellow teacher and that’s due at the end of February. Plus, the semester is over at my school in two weeks so that means that I have an insane amount of grading and parent contacts to do, not to mention all of the preparation for the beginning of next semester’s classes. My school has me teaching Drama for the first time next semester so that means I have to pick up another prep and develop that curriculum. I have my Jr. High group on Tuesday nights…but we cut them down to only twice a month until April. And I also have random times I need to speak to groups about my technology project to show integration of technology into education. Seems I’ve become a bit of an expert in that area. Then there are the regulars of grocery shopping, laundry, cooking, cleaning, and all that.
And the hardest part is that I’ve been feeling pressure to paint. I haven’t painted since October…which is a long time for me. And I have so many ideas walled up in my head that want to get out, but they keep getting pushed back to get all of this other junk done. Oh, and what was a shoddily put-together studio space in the garage is now piled with stuff. We rearranged the living room and some unused stuff got set out there, the patio furniture got brought in from the rain, then all this other stuff just kind of got set down somewhere because we were in a hurry or couldn’t reach the place it was actually supposed to go or whatever. I’ve worked out an agreement with Josh (and some extra funds) to put a cabinet w/ two drawered cabinets out there (forming a work bench), as well as a peg board. This would bring some order. I’m also thinking of painting it a soft purpley-gray color to give it a feeling of serenity. I’d like to find some used, cheap-ola carpet to lay on the front half where I work. It’d be a really great space to work in.
Oh, and then there’s surfing. Being so dependent on the tides and my schedule it’s become nil.
I’m really hoping that this summer my “job” is to paint and surf. That’d be awesome considering all the stuff that I’m having to pile-drive through right now. It’d be a good goal to set my sights on. We’ll have to see how the mula works out for that one though.