Oh, The Pain I Endure For Friends


I heard from a friend that one of my college buddies, Wesley Horton was in some movies. I was like, “HE IS!?! THAT’S SO COOL!!!” So, I found him on imdb.com and was stoked. I saw that he was in Raising Helen and The Princess Diaries 2. Knowing that both of these movies were directed by Garry Marshall, I figured I’d see Hector Elizondo in there somewhere too.
So, I rented the two movies and watched them, despite my Kate Hudson ban. Raising Helen was actually a somewhat tolerable chick flick. And, I got to see Wes say, “I don’t do nude…anymore.” Or something like that. I knew he would like that line. And in The Princess Diaries 2, he was a Footman and knocked the tiara off of the princess. Nice clutz work. Unfortunately, Princess was a pretty crappy movie. The only thing that gave it a bit of credibility was that Anne Hathaway never did a fashion montage. Thank goodness. There was a hair montage…but no fashion one. If there was, I would have had to shut the DVD player off immediately and curse Wes for being in such a hokey movie. But, I did no such thing.
Anyway, I was wondering if Wes is living in California, since those movies look like they were filmed in a L.A. warehouse. But, I don’t know how to contact him. If anyone knows, that’d be cool. Maybe he’d be up for a little surfing in Malibu during an off day or whatever. Maybe he’ll wear his purple glitter sneakers. Heh heh. Good times.