Because I’ve been so busy with stuff lately (mainly a new semester at school and my National Board stuff), people have been all worried about if I’m doing okay. The fact is…I’m doing super!
I mean, I have a lot of work to do, but I think that I finally have figured out how to say no to things in advance so I don’t get stressed out. I am the master of saying yes to too many things, then getting all stressed out. I have not reached an all stressed out point yet. Before I entered the National Board stuff, I looked at my schedule and cut out a ton of stuff to make way. So, I stopped doing the large group activities with the Jr. High ministry, I put my Christian Club cohorts in charge of a bunch of stuff (instead of me doing it all), I asked Josh for some extra help on things around the house (he RULES!), I cut my small group back to twice a month, I told the school no when they needed free tech help and wanted me to design postcards for them (also for free). And the list goes on!
So, I’m plugging away on what needs to get done. I’m also really proud that this seems to be the first time in my life where I was realisitic about what I was capable of and adhered to it. Woo hoo! Now, if I can just pass these boards it’ll leave plenty of time for painting and surfing!