How Stupid/Greedy Can You Be???


So, I’ve been sluggishly following the Michael Jackson molestation trial. It’s totally bizarre and, I’m sure you would all agree, Jackson just gets freakier and freakier by the minute. When I look at him I try to remember the Jackson of the good ol’ days when he could spin into the ground and turn into a pile of golden coins. *sigh*
Then I got to thinking…WHY would you let your child go to Jackson’s house ever??? I mean, if there was the slightest possiblity that someone was a child molester, you can bet that my child would be completely protected (within my power) from that person. But, there are people that let their kids go over to Jackson’s Neverland for sleepovers. SLEEPOVERS!!!
Are they stupid???
Or are they greedy? The only reason I could possibly think of that would convince a parent to send their kid over there is money. Hey Timmy, go over to Mr. Jackson’s house and get him to molest you, and then the rest of your life (and ours) will be paid for. Here, let me show you some tempting “come hither” looks that you can send his way…he’s sure to trip up. And even if he doesn’t molest you, I’ll keep evidence that you went to his house and we can get a good story together later. Just make sure our facts stay straight.
I don’t know. The whole thing is sickening. I don’t know who to believe. And I somehow feel that, even if Jackson did molest the kids, that the parents should have some kind of consequence for allowing their kid to go over there. Seriously. It just makes me ill.